Does science tell the full story?

Theme(s): EmotionMemory

Can scientific knowledge give us a full picture of the human experience? In the age of science, what space is left for other forms of knowledge? What do scientific understandings and methodologies lack, and can researchers from the humanities and social sciences work with them in advancing our understanding of the mind?

Does science tell the full story? Have a look at the resources below and add your thoughts to the forum. For more information on this question, refer to our Memory and Emotion themes.


Anatomising the Emotions: The Human Mind in History

Thomas Dixon runs a research centre for the History of Emotions at Queen Mary University of London. His new Wellcome Trust funded project Living with Feeling: Emotional Health in History, Philosophy and Experience is a collaboration between the humanities, social sciences, sciences and medicine, exploring what it means to be emotionally healthy in the modern world. Thomas presented a talk on his research at our conference on Emotion, Memory, & the Mind.


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