Grand Challenges

What are the Grand Challenges?

The Grand Challenges exercise is the central piece of work for The Human Mind Project. It aims to identify about ten topics or questions that might be tackled through new – presumably interdisciplinary – research. These Grand Challenges will be articulated in publications aimed at researchers, politicians and the public at large. And they will be described in the final Report of the Project, which will make the case to public and private funding bodies for investment in new areas and styles of research. Each question derives from the activities of The Human Mind Project and are intended as a means of discussing ways forward for investigating the human mind. Join us by participating in the discussions!
What are the challenges facing the future of research?

shutterstock_268973486Literature is one way that our human minds can experience the world and make sense of it. In this theme we explore ideas of literacy, literature, and language and how these concepts inform our mind and are informed by them.


shutterstock_370243547These themes will help us identify, examine, and analyse the future questions of research around the human mind. Why not take a look around and if you find a particular question interesting please add your thoughts in the forums.

Q&A Dialogues
Is your research project a start-up? Mattia Gallotti

Mattia_Gallotti1What is it that makes two people have a conversation? What makes it possible for us to understand each other at all? Read more…

Are emotions ‘embodied’ mental states? Giovanna Colombetti


Tshutterstock_191894966hese Q&A Dialogues are starting points for discussion on a variety of questions about the human mind.Join us as experts in a variety of fields share their thoughts, ideas, and theories.

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What is the human mind?

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