The Future of Research

What is the future of research on the mind? Take a look at our range of themes above.

1_chcfoifnxz7dssza600v6g9 December 2016

Talking across Emotional Divides

Thomas Dixon talks to Anna Hopkins about the Centre’s latest project Living with Feeling, and building productive research relationships between the humanities and sciences.

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20 July 2016 Mattia

Is your research project a start-up?

Mattia Gallotti, Research Fellow in Philosophy and Project Manager of The Human Mind Project, reflects on his career, philosophy and the skills of facilitating an exciting research project.

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6 July 2016 Giovanna

Are emotions ‘embodied’ mental states?

Giovanna Colombetti, Associate Professor at Exeter University, talks to us about philosophy, emotion and finding your feet in interdisciplinary research.

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Activity Questions

What is the human mind?

Is there such a thing as moral progress?

Is the self a work of fiction?

Does science tell the full story?

Memory, identity and time

Are emotions constructed?

How do we control actions?

Morality and biology?

The Philosopher in the lab – what for?


Is creativity a feature of the product, or the process, or both?


Is art just a matter of taste?